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Looking for a golf league program that is easy to use ?
This is it !
Designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible.
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For Windows XP through Windows 8 and Surface Pro
* Any number of teams
* Any number of players
* Print score cards with strokes per hole or heads up
* Up to 4 tee positions
* Makes perfect weekly schedule. All teams play all other teams
* Calculate handicaps and they continue from one year to the next
* Enter gross score or hole by hole, your choice. You can even switch back and forth to test and see if you like one or the other. Hole by Hole, points are calculated for you.
* Analysis reports each week for the league and individual players when entering Hole by Hole.
* Up to 4 Flights. Alternate flights, Pair flights, Rotate flights.
* Email reports to your league members
* Inserts "Position Play", "Round Robin", "Fun Night", "Scrambles" etc. in the weekly schedule
* Low Net, Low Gross, Skins, Analysis Reports, Players History, Leading Individual Points and Leading Team Points.
* Skins Report heads up or with full strokes, Skins by Flight heads up or full strokes
* 2 Low Net, 3 Low Net, 1-2-3, great games for 3 some's and 4 some's to play.
* Options: Shot gun start, teetimes, regular strokes or full strokes on scorecards
* Options: League goes off two nines same time
* Options: Modified StableFord
* Print Weekly Schedule for season or the week with names.
* Play 9 holes or 18. Play 2, 3 or 4 different nines. Play as many courses as you want.
* Prints the weeks schedule at the bottom of the weekly league report and the schedule for the following week.
* Can print notes at the bottom of the weekly league report.
* Low Net report, Low Gross report, A/B players leading in leading in individual points.
* All scores for the week or the season.
* Analysis report for the week. League average over par on each hole, total number of bogies, pars, birdies, eagles and double eagles. Shows each players score, Par, Birdie, Eagle etc.
* Analysis report for the season. Each Players average over par on each hole front and back, with number of pars, birdies, eagles and double eagles.
* Players History report.
* Skins Form with option heads up or full strokes.
* Skins Report tells you who won skins this week and exactly how much they won. Option for heads up or full strokes.
* Option to select how many games used in calculating handicaps.
* Option to drop high and low scores.
* Option to set maximum allowable handicap.
* Option to set starting tee time or shotgun start.
* Option to set league going off two nines at same time.
* Option no strokes, regular strokes or full strokes on scorecards and in calculating of points.
* Run multiple leagues
* Does most things for you automatically
* And Much more. You will just Love this Software
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This golf league software program was designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible, period.
You will just love this software.
ScoreCard Golf
Simply The BEST Golf League Software, Period.